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திங்கள், மார்ச் 03, 2008

Journey from Newark to Chennai less than 2 hrs. Yes. in 2020 ! How ?

The Dream Journey from Newark to Chennai via Satellite (Vision 2020) என்னோட பேரன் அமெரிக்காவிலேந்து வரேன்னு ஈ மெயில் போட்டிருந்தான். எந்த பிளேன்லே வரே ? ஜெட்டா? ஏர் இந்தியாவா ? லுஃப்தான்ஸாவா? பிரிட்டிஷ் ஏர்வேஸா அப்படின்னு கேட்டேன். தாத்தா.. நீ எந்தக்காலத்திலே இருக்கே.. அதெல்லாம் அந்தக்காலம். This is 2020. now, at Newark Airport, we are going in a satellite pushed by a rocket into space. There is a space station there. We have lots of coffee, tea, pizza there. We just wait and see the earth rotating . It is an awesome sight you know. we are again boarding a rocket, which is linked with a satellite, very much like the one, we came here, and right at the moment, when earth approaches, the commanding ship gets delinked and that brings us right down to Chennai International Airport. The whole journey time, you know thatha, is less than 2 hrs. Within these 2 hrs, we spend 1 1/2 hrs at the space station." Wahv ! I exclaimed. my grandson continues: "I am already at Chennai airport. இப்ப நான் from airport பல்லக்கிலே வந்துட்டு இருக்கேன். நீ வெப் காம்லே பாருன்னான். அடே நம்ப பிச்சையா? ஆமாம் பல்லாக்கிலே தான் வரான். அடாடாடா...பிச்சை வந்துட்டான். Screaming I just opened my eyes to find my wife saying, "Oh ! you started speaking again during sleep." "Did I speak during sleep ?" I asked her. "No, you were shouting. People around were looking at us. Get up." She said.

I got up from bed and found that I only dreamt. My wife told me that the plane is JUST late by 24 hrs 55 minutes. Possibly we may keep on sleeping at the pavement at the Airport.