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வெள்ளி, நவம்பர் 23, 2007

வெள்ளி, நவம்பர் 16, 2007

Listen to the Thrilling Songs of Pithukuli Murugadoss

TODAY IS SURA SAMHARAM DAY ALSO CALLED SKANDA SHASTI DAY. RECITE SKANDA SHASTI KAVACHAM BY cutting and pasting the following link To listen to Murugan songs of Pithukuli Murugadoss.Click the title or in case u r not linked, Please cut and paste the link below: http://www.raaga.com/channels/tamil/artist/Pithukuli_Murugadas.html

புதன், நவம்பர் 07, 2007

Enjoy the Deepavali Fireworks and Illuminated Skies !!!

And Sanku Chakram and Kalasam DEEPAVALI SIGNIFIES TRIUMPH OF TRUTH OVER ALL EVIL. Wish You All a Very Happy Deepavali. Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu.