க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

திங்கள், டிசம்பர் 18, 2006

Manathukkan Maasilan Aadhal.Anaithu Aran Ahula Neera Pira. ....Thiruvalluvar.


The Month of Marghazhi according to Tamil Calendar is unique in the senses that Tamils all over the world devote their entire attention to the worship of the Lord to the exclusion of any other functions, such as marriage, starting building or entering a new house, etc. Mythology has it that during this month everyone shuns all other activities and concentrate only on worship of the Lord.

We bring before you the Divine Andal Paasuram known as Thiruppavai, which is said contain the essence of Divya Prabhandam, one stanza per day, with its meaning. We ardently hope and pray that all believers would recite and stand blessed by the Almighty. You see the first stanza on your right side. The second stanza is what is depicted above. The stanza as well as the meaning are as portrayed by the website: www.divyadesamonline.com One may get into the website for getting a fuller and exhaustive knowledge of THIRUPPAVAI.