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சனி, டிசம்பர் 02, 2006

Body Weight and Food. 10 Diet Rules to be Broken !

LIGHT EATING AND LONG LIVING (Please click on the above title, if you need to really know about myths associated with reducing weight. Otherwise, read the masala-mix below) Don't eat before bedtime or you'll gain weight. Skipping meals will help you take off the pounds. If you want to stay on a diet, eat at the same time every day.Some are half-truths, some are complete myths, and some are clearly more harmful than others, but most of them won't help you lose weight or make dieting any easier," says Elizabeth Somer, MA, RD, author of 10 Habits That Mess Up a Woman's Die to learn more about an expert dietician's views on THE MOST DIETARY MISTAKES THAT WE DO http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14802078/PLEASE CLICK ON: I am trying to recollect, a song from ancient Tamil Literature, stanza from Vennpah. Loosely translated it goes like this: 'Oh Stomach! You won't listen if I order you to be to quiet for a day. Nor would you listen, if i fill you up for two full days, at a stretch. So difficult for me to be staying with you, Is it you have come along only to ail ?. '

Do not make a mistake.

It is not your HEAD, not your HEART, but it really your STOMACH that matters.

It sounds funny, but is true, for, your stomach decides how long will you be vertical..

Your doctor tells you to reduce your weight, when BMI goes above 25. He painstakingly lists your agenda till such time the next patient, impatiently peeps in. You are pretty unnerved at the doctor's command. Which sounds something like Ten Commandments.

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http://www.vitacost.com/science/hn/Supp/Fiber.htm Discipline in food habits. Discipline in Regular Exercises. Discipline in Emotions. Discipline in Work behaviour Discipline in sleep.

All the above in one form or another have a say in your weight. Of course.the hereditary quotient is also there, but you can't do much about it.. From what the doctor said, you realize that none could have been more indisciplined than yourself.. Back home, you find a lunch you can hardly skip. Coconut rice, tamarind rice, jaggery rice, curd rice with pickles, curd fried cakes (vadai) fried potatoes with onions, sweets payasams, laddus. Before you let your wife know what your doctor advised you, you hear that today is your mother-in-law's birthday. You cannot not eat like a gourmet.

So you postpone your decision to cut your intake to the next day. With your tummy fully loaded, as you fall asleep, you nevertheless ponder over: First comes "thoughts on food". Is it that you will have to cut down your intake to reduce your weight? If that be so, what will you cut? The quantity or the variety ? or the frequency ? or All? For once, your good friend doctor appears a villain. If i should not be eating now, when at all shall i eat? After all, we live only to eat.

But prudence looks the other way. You resort to thinking, whether you need consult another doctor? Or resort to Yoga? In your dreams, your wife joins your doctor in advising you. You probably felt that it must be your wife to whom the doctor advised. Possibly you slept and next morning, started browsing to know more, on internet.

Legion are the websites that give you information on this. I am afraid if you go thro' them one by one, most of these advices contradict one another.You can hardly decide what you should be doing. Before you decide, the dinner plate arrives. You are tempted to continue what you do and postpone taking a decision on your food habits, to the next day. Unluckily, for most of us, the next day never turns up. When I searched as to how many websites talk on topics, related to food and weight, google gives as much as 2,79,383 catches. That is for this moment. When you click on, you will get a number, which could be even more, since this will also get added.

The fact is that most, if not all, of us is concerned about our weight. There are several slimming centres. Assure you of 100 per cent results.Much more than trimming your hip, they trim your purse and bank balances. They assure you more. That they will return the money they received, (less service tax of course) if you are not losing your weight significantly.

As you wondered what they must be doing, you found: They prescribe such protein based drugs/foods that give you a feeling of fullness of your tummy, even as you are half fed. A good samaritan has suggested why not you cut down the size of your stomach itself, instead of cutting down food? So offers for surgeries that would stich your stomach from within have also surfaced. Having said, let me caution you that there are several myths associated with eating less or fasting to reduce weight. Most of this information is just nonsense, to use a cruel word.

Webmd in its latest bulletin has talked about these myths. Click on the above title , to know a little of those myths which you honestly felt were true. Plainspeaking, it is your mind which decides what you should eat and how much you should eat. If you cannot control your life style by having a rigid discipline on your food habits, do not be worried. For more than your obesity, it could be stress which may kill you. After all, all things said, everyone has to die some day. Why not eat merrily, enjoy life, till the day we get His call.

So we shall eat, and continue to eat, as if you will have no TOMORROW, to eat.



Be happy. Be cheerful. Good Day.