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திங்கள், ஆகஸ்ட் 22, 2005

The ideal Breakfast

I am not a dietician.
I go by what my tongue (taste buds) demands.
Still, there are certain ground rules.
There are certain rules governed by habitat.
I go through many, many, many, many, ...........articles on
how your Breakfast should be,
how your Lunch should be,
how your dinner should be,
how your snacks in between should be OR should not be,
like that, like that, hundreds of articles, I go on reading
endlessly perhaps.
These articles if at all show me a way
That means,
that we eat to live and NOT
live to eat.
It is therefore necessary that we take care of our body requirements.
There is a saying in Tamil Nadu (South India)
Only when there is a wall, we may be able to paint a picture thereon !
Like that. We need to take utmost care of our body requirements.
For a healthy body always leads to healthy mind...
which means good thoughts, good words and good actions.
Before authenticating what I mean by a good breakfast, let me tell you a small joke.
Kumbhakarna was unemployed for a long time. He applied for several ads, but none was prepared to give him a job, saying that he was too obese. At last he went to a circus company, hoping that at least he could get some job there. On seeing Kumbakarna (he was just 5 feet tall and 250 kgs weight) the circus authorities were very much impressed. They confirmed his job. Kumbakarna was happy, enquired what was the job. They said: We conduct only four shows: 10 a.m. , 2 p.m., 5 p.m. 9 p.m. Kumbakarna: That is OK. But what is my job? They continued: You are just to sit before the audience and eat without stopping what ever the compere man or audience provide. Of course they will give only eatable things. And this programme will go on for one hour each show. Kumbakarna: That's fine. Go on. They said : That's all. Kumbakarna said: that is good. I shall accept this job. Subject to one condition. They asked: What's that ? Kumbakarna said: I need permission to go home after every show. Of course, I shall return punctually for the next show. They were surprised: What for? Kumbakarna replied: I have to go home for having my lunch and dinner You and I laugh at this. But pray that we never do like this. For better breakfast intake, please visit http://my.webmd.com/content/article/76/90100.htm A good porridge of cereals, rice or bran really bosts hunger for the lunch. Read on and write to me if you feel good.