க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

வியாழன், ஜனவரி 24, 2013

Long Long Ago..

This photo was taken some 44 years ago at Thanjavur Srinivasa Nagar Giri Road House, where we moved into on 3rd February 1969.

The house had three small rooms , the first we used as a kitchen, the middle wherein we entered from side ways, and a third one overlooking the road.  

There in the garden we had almost all the flower plants . I had a small camera provided by my good friend which I was using for a long time.  It was a kodak camera.  The film roll has to be finished in order that it is neatly packed so that prints could be taken later from any studio.

We were in this house right upto the end of 1969 when one day I was told by another friend who told me to shift to another house near market almost the next day.