க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

திங்கள், ஜனவரி 25, 2010

Bhavani Stotram

Kindly click at the title to learn more about the text and meaning of BHAVANI STOTRAM. ADHI SANKARA KRUTHAM.

புதன், ஜனவரி 20, 2010

Would You please enter my Heart of Lotus !! Oh Goddess !

Please click at the title to move on to the blog of the author Ms.Kavinaya.

திங்கள், ஜனவரி 18, 2010

happy birthday to you..Sanju

January 17th is our Grandkid Sanchu's birthday. We wish her all the Best.
thatha and Paatti Bless her on her Birthday Please click at the title to move on to her blog:

செவ்வாய், ஜனவரி 12, 2010

thanthuvitten..Ennai thanthuvitten

It is absolute surrender of the self to the Almighty that makes this existence meaningful and full. Ms.Kavinaya excels in highlighting the essence of Vedhantha. Please click at the title to move to her blog for more details. Thatha here sings in Raag Purvi kalyani.

வெள்ளி, ஜனவரி 08, 2010

Abhiramiye !! sivakamiye !!

This time, Madam Kavinaya has penned a devotional song on Goddess Abhirami of Thirukadayur. Please click at the title to read the text of this song. Thatha as usual sings . this is Raag Desh. For illustration of Raag Desh, please move on to: http://movieraghas.blogspot.com

ஞாயிறு, ஜனவரி 03, 2010

Thank U Sanchu akka ..

Please click at the title to move on to Sanju akka's blog the author of the blog:

சனி, ஜனவரி 02, 2010

Marghazhi thingalil ...

A song by Madam Kavinaya Here, subbu thatha sings in Raag Arabhi. ( or is it Deva Gandhari !)