க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

ஞாயிறு, பிப்ரவரி 28, 2010


My grandkid Pitchai tells a story.

One day jhony and whitey all of  the dogs gone to the temple .  The watchman was saying that no dogs were allowed.

Johney said "what ? No dogs are allowed ! There is already one dog in the temple. "

"What ! Is there already one dog in the temple ! . show me."

But Johney said not even a dog is here, but all the animals are here..
What ! How can there be animals in the temple, said the watchman.  You show me the elephant.

Then he took him to Pillayar. You see, there is an elephant.

show me the Tiger !

Then he took him to ayyappan . you see there is a tiger. OK.

Where is the dog?
Then, he took him to Bhairavan. you see, there is a dog. OK.

Then johney said, you see there is also a monkey . Watchman said " What ? Is there a monkey?" yes. johny took the watchman to hanuman

  and said, you see there is a monkey.
Watchman said.
here, you see there is a God with a face of horse. He is Hayagriva.  Then watchman was astonished to hear and see all these animals inside the temple. He said: OK, you are allowed . Then they gone inside the temple. The priest was showing deepa  aarthi to the God. Johney put his legs (since he had no hands ! ) and took aarthi and placed it on his eyes.  Everybody was surprised.  What ! Dogs are putting karpura arthi .!!
Then they were so surprised. They gave money.  hundred people gave money. Johny told all the people " how much money they gave them ?"
They said they gave thousand rupee. then pitchai came in his car . He told " did you have fun in the temple? "
Yes. We had lot of fun. They all got into pitchai's car. Pitchai drove them back to their house.
Pitchai said: GOD IS EVERYWHERE.

சனி, பிப்ரவரி 27, 2010

Enakku pudicha padam

My web friend Jeeva has posted a very good picture from boston.com. I search and found out one.

உங்களுக்கு எது பிடிக்கும் என்று உடனே இங்கு பாருங்கள். !!!The photos 

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Gowri Kalyanam VaibhogamE....

Today is Wedding Day of my Eldest Daughter . All the Best ! Gowri and Balu. and our Best blessings to All . A sequence from Sundara kandam in Valmiki Ramayana SEETHA KALYANAM VAIBHOGAME...A NARRATION

Vatraatha kulam Onru vaahaha katti VaithEn

Ms.Kavinaya's imaginative song in her blog: http://kavinaya.blogspot.com on the eve of Valentine Day. Please click at the title to move on to her blog. Here, sury thatha sings in his own style.