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வியாழன், ஜூன் 28, 2007

Raag Vachaspathi..A Prayer to Lord Rama.

Meenakshi Paatti Prays to Lord Rama. This song is composed by Sury Thatha and dedicated to Lord Rama. It is set to the tune of the age old song " PARATH PARA...PARAMESWARA... PARVATHEE PATHE...HARE PASUPATHE....PARATH PARA..." A translation of the song in English is as below: Rama Rama....... Save me and Bless me.. To rid of desires, to obliterate deviations from values, to obviate sin from thoughts, I have surrendered myself to Your Feet, Oh Rama ! Whatever I learnt, all were just meaningless words. As I realized this, I surrendered before you to realize Moksha. Whatever I learnt were just rotten leaves. Rid of these learnings, I surrendered myself unto Your Feet, Oh Rama ! To sing Rama Gana, To hear Rama Geetha, my inner self yearning for Truth, I came unto Thy Feet, Oh Rama ! Bless Me..Save me !! Please leave your comments to enable us to pray for you, your family and children. ராமா...ராமா..ரக்ஷிப்பாய் ராமா.. ராமா...ராமா..ரக்ஷிப்பாய் ராமா.. ராகங்கள் அகல, விகாரங்கள் ஒழிய‌ பாவங்கள் களைய. நின் பாதம் தேடி வ்ந்தேன் ராமா...ராமா..ரக்ஷிப்பாய் ராமா.. கற்றனைத்து எல்லாம், வெற்று ஓலை என்றே முற்றும் தெளிந்த பின்னே, முத்தி பெறவே வந்தேன். ராமா...ராமா..ரக்ஷிப்பாய் ராமா.. க‌ற்றனைத்து எல்லாம், வெற்று ஓலை என்றே பற்று ஓய்ந்தபின்னே நின் பாதம் தேடி வந்தேன். ராமா...ராமா..ரக்ஷிப்பாய் ராமா.. ராம கானம் பாட, நின் நாம கீதம் கேள, உள்ளூம் உணர்வும் ஏங்க, உண்மை தேடி வந்தேன். ராமா...ராமா..ரக்ஷிப்பாய் ராமா.. பாட‌லை இயற்றிய‌து: சிவ.சூரிய‌ நாராய‌ணன் தேதி: 28 ஜூன் 2007 ராக‌ம்: வாச‌ஸ்ப‌தி..."ப‌ராத் ப‌ரா..ப‌ர‌மேஸ்வ‌ரா..பார்வ‌தி ப‌தே ஹ‌ரே ப‌சுப‌தே" என்னும் மெட்டில் அமைந்துள்ள‌து. பாட‌லைப்பாடி, இராம‌ பெருமானின் திருவ‌ருளைப் பெறுக‌ Please Leave your comments here. Kindly let us have your FEEDBACK We shall Pray for your welfare.

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Yath Bhavam That Bhavathi. (You Become What You Believe)

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Lullaby You'll Love to Listen

AraaRo..AreeeeRaa..Ro...Ariraro..araaaro.. Arirandum Kaaveri...Adhan Naduve SriRengam... Ananda Bairavi ....Adhbhuthamana Thalattu. Now Listen to the Lullaby

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Yath Bhavam That Bhavathi. (You Become What You Believe) sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam

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Pazhamudhir Cholai

A Phone Call Overheard. hELLO....Good Morning..Madam ...How r you ! I am fine, Madam. wHAT? i AM to be nominated for VICE PRESIDENT'S POST ! ! ?... None else is there ? Is it !... What ? All other names they have rejected ????? Oh..very very sorry madam.... I thought you were calling to nominate me for President....!! you know I have sufficient experience. I am already President of my house.. yes madam. ..exactly madam. you know...I put my signature wherever I am asked to.. yes..madam... Madam, none can be more loyal.... Pardon....hello ! hello hello !!! did u tell them that even food I take only with my left hand ? hello...even then...hello ..hello..pardon... What did u say? Is it already filled up ? ....what ? Is there a contest ! Oh ! My God ! What madam..? .Vice President's Post ??? for me ?? !!! Sorry Madam...Dont mistake me Madam. Thank you very much but I'm really very very busy. Methought i cd accept if it were President's post. anyway...I can wait for my turn....what?....five years.? Ok madam.. I'll respond positively if it is President...OK ! Good night, madam. God Bless You. (PS: My wife had just received a call from a patron of our "Apartments Residents Association" requesting her to become Vice President, since I resigned, after opting to contest for President's Post.) pazhamudhi Cholai

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Kerala ..God's Own Country.

RAINY FORESTS...KERALA RICH HERITAGE Mysore Brindavan Garden Musical Fountains Happy Happy Birth Day to you..Ganesh !

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Moving Melody from Hariharan..Wah !

colonial cousins Krishna Nee Bagane Baro is a classic . If you have not listened to John Higgins, so far, click on the title. Where you will be listening GOVARDHAN GIRIDHARI set to Yaman. And Where you will be listening to a few of the heart-throbbing raghas of Carnatic music. Dont be in an urgency to go to HEAVENS, before listening to JOHN Higgins, since, In heaven all the interesting people are missing. <

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Problem-Solving...The Monkey Way.