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an architectural beauty... You admire it..but would u ever have tried to understand the inner intricacies? So is music. How to Find the Ragha ....especially in film music On the topic Yaman Kalayan,a reader had queried as to whether the song "is rang badlti duniya mein" belongs to the YK family. No,madam, it doesn't. Sure, it has a few traces of YK, yet deviates to some other scale (something like Bageshri, I am not sure). Initially, it could be tough to identify a raga from a filmy song,since majority of them does not loyally stick to the traditional surtrack. A different note here, use of a note in the aorkan instead of inavarokan, all these tend to change the colour of the raga.Best way would be to identify on the basis of the surs.But, for those who cannot read music, we would prefer to depend betteron our own ears, which, in music, function better than eyes. Even forthe sur pandits, it would do better to follow the ears than the eyes,they seldom cheat.Every raga has its own lakshna. Once the lakshna is absorbed by themind, the identification of a raga becomes quite simple.For illustration, let us take the Yamuna Kalyani, itself. Of the songspertaining to this, single out a particular line or hum (listed below)and try to sing or play it. 1. wo jab yaad aaye- "chirag ye muhobat ki jalaye, bujaye" 2. roshan tumhi se - "meri umru bhi lelo" 3. abhi na jao - "kayee makam aayenga, to hamse aajmayenge" 4. ghar se - "raste mein hai uska ghar" 5. vennila vaanil - the humming before "aasai konda idhayamathu" 6. yamunai aatrile - "paavam raadha" The list of filmy songs on YK is endless, of course. Here are a fewmore from Hindi:- 1. Aapki nigahon mein 2. yaad rehega - Umar Qaid (the sole thing worthwhile in the movie) 3. Saranga teri yaad mein - An unforgettable number by Mukesh 4. Jab Deep chale aana - lovable Combination of RJ's music and KJ'svoice 5. chandan sa badan - another hit of Mukesh 6. Khuda hai mehrbaan - a less popular number from Mugal E Azam 7. Zulme Ulfat ki hame log saza dete hai 8. Naam bool jayega 9. Kanni magal mella vandhal - P.Bhanumathy 10. Maratha sogamthano - Gantasala & Suseela TO KNOW MORE, PLEASE LOG ON TO: http://movieraghas.blogspot.com

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N e e l a m b a r i.....The eternal Lullaby.

Neelambari... That means the Blue sky... On those elegance, vastness, Poets of lore have sung lullabies .... Neelambari transcends all barriers of land and sea Will someone sing a filmy song based on N i l a m b a r i to make my little cousin sleep a whilePosted by Picasa

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Athisaya Raham..Ananda Raham..Chakravaham

Posted by Picasa You fix your eyes on the centre of the circles, preferably one by one. Feel for yourself the experience. The colours melt down. So is Chakravaham. When you play it or sing the raha, your passions melt down.

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Music rests in your heart or head ?

Music...Classical or Film ? If classical, western or Eastern ? If Eastern , carnatic or Hindusthani To get at the right film song based on a particular raga, To know the swars as related to a particular raga, To understand how and why ragas differ from one another, For all your queries and doubts related to carnatic or Hindusthani music, just log on to: http://groups.google.com/group/cineraga Post your views there, of course, as related only to music. This particular cineraga googlegroups, of which, Bhouman is a member, analyses the Filmy songs of well over 5 decades. Get immersed into the World of Carnatic and Hindusthani Filmy Music.