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One fine evening, my life partner hissed that she never had any occasion to be angry with me. I disputed. I said, not only you were angry, but I was equally afraid of seeing your face, when you were angry. "Is it so?", she asked, continuing, "how do I look like, when I am angry." I dramatised one, and to our surprise, my daughter, from somewhere, clicked this one. This cannot be true, she said. I am not this bad. But she said, your belly is too bad. Reduce it fast. I publish this with a hope that my children may pass a judgment on this. What is humour indeed ? After a long interval, I reminded to myself that this blog of mine should be including some sense of Humour. Amongst the blogs I visited, the one blog I can never forget is quoted at the title. where you get HUMOUR UNLIMITED Some real humour (without offence) you find there. Of course at the expense of indian Politicians. You cannot but laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh till your belly bursts. Please move there and enjoy . Laugh AND LAUGH to live long, AND LONG.

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Humour...or...is it just a joke !

Long ago, I read this joke somewhere. I thought I could reproduce it here expressing courtesy to the person who might not even remember he told this. Three men well versed in mimicry were also too boastful and were also competing in an evening show, full of home makers. The compere asked them, as the show began, to narrate what they were capable of. The first one jumped on the mike, said, " I bark like dogs.!" The compere said, what if, every one of us bark when our husbands come home late. The imitator said, That is OK. But when I bark, postmen climb on lamp posts. As the second imitator came on the dais, he was seen beating on his breast. He said I bellow like a bull. What for? The compere asked. Replied he: Some cows are adamant you know. As they hear my sound, they are on their knees. The third came to the dais, politely said that he does not know much in mimicry. But when he crowa like a cock,he always found the Sun rises in the East.

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Oppillai...There is no parallel !

Oh Lord ! By your very name You are Unparallelled. In Your Mercy, in Your Love of Mankind, None can equal You. Kindly Bestow All Your Best on the little kid Uppili alias Mrithunjayan on His Happy Birth Day 6th october 2006 Posted by Picasa Friends who would like to have a virtual tour of All Vaishnava Temples, please visit: www.geocities.com/divyadesam108 for a virtual tour of All Divya Desam Temples

Happy Birth Day Uppili and Balaji !!

5th October 2006 6th October 2006 are very special Days for me. For on these days, my younger brother's kids celebrate their birthdays. This year, I forgot to send them Gifts. I thought what should I be doing instead? I thought of offering prayers to God to bestow on these two little children ALL HIS BEST. Naturally a question stemmed in my mind to which God I shall send the prayers? I could think of Uppili appan and Balaji since these kids are named after them only. A

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Saraswathi Pooja --Today

Oh Godess Saraswathi ! I salute you this day ! Let me be endowed with such knowledge that gains wealth through virtuous means... Let me be endowed with such knowledge that gains fame through virtuous means.. Let me be endowed with such knowledge that I shall love and be loved by all beings. Let there be peace everywhere. Let there be Light Everywhere. And that Light be perceived by All everywhere.  Posted by Picasa
1st October 2006 Today is Saraswathi Pooja Day in Tamil nadu, South India. This Day is devoted to the worship of Godess Saraswathi, the bestower of All Knowledge This is the penultimate day of the 10 day festival throughout India. The conventions and rituals differ slightly from region to region but the core of the Festival remains the same. The first Three Days, Durga Maa is worshipped. The next Third Days, Lakshmi Maa is worshipped. The final Three days Saraswathi Maa is Worshipped. Durga Maa is the symbol of all Bravery, Steadfastness, Conviction and Courage. Lakshmi Maa is the symbol of all Wealth. Saraswathi Maa is the symbol of all Knowledge. In fact, by worshipping Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi, the trio symbolising Courage, Wealth and Knowledge, Hindus rededicate themselves to the path revealed to them by the Scriptures, that is simply, Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. In Tamil Nadu, and in the states of Karnataka and Andra pradesh a conventional Kolu is established. Idols made of mud, china clay, marble are displayed in all splendour. Every day, ladies and girls visit all neighbouring houses, to invite them to their houses. They dress in all colourful ways, conventional ways and the entire atmosphere is one of gay and gaiety. To develop a Kolu of your choice, please click : www.panchangam.com/kolu.htm Every evening, a popular dish Sundal is prepared and distributed to visitors. On Friday, putti which is Sweet Flour with coconut and ghee is distributed. And on Saturday, the gingelee powder is mixed with jaggery and given as Ell-urundai. To taste a few of the recipes associated with this festival, please do visit: www.indiatastes.com People all over decorate their homes and all the temples wear a festive look. During this period, all the Channels air Devotional and Traditional Classic music on air, by popular musicians. You are lucky if you can get the telecast of this music festival by www.jayatv.org You are cordially invited to visit Tamil Nadu during these days, to have your own Sweet Experiences of this colourful Festival. At Mysore, the Karnataka State, the Dussera Celebrations are really colourful. The procession of well decorated elephants with the King on one of the Well Decorated Elephant is a delight to watch. One may be curious to know the mythologies associated with this colourful festival. Also the traditions of various regions of India, a cultural heritage. I would invite them to visit one of the best sites depicting Navrathri and Durga Maa Festival, please click on to: http://www.durga-puja.org/saraswati-puja.html