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Elephant goes to Jupiter...Pichai tells another story to Thatha.

One fine morning, Johny got up very early in the morning. When johny got up, Bronie got up. When Brownie got up, yellowee got up, and when yellowyee got up, snowee, blackie, reddiee, whitee all got up. The previous night they had decided to go to Jupiter . George, their friend, had promised them that he would take them in the rocket for which he is the Captain. As they were rushing out of Pichai's house, they saw their friend Thursday Elephant standing in front of them. Thursday Elephant askeed Johny, " Where r u all going?" Johny said, " To Jupiter..." "What? Jupiter !! How can u all go there !! It is far away !! " And crazy dogs u are!! u can never go there.." said Thursday Elephant. But Johny was very hopeful. " u know ! George, our monkey friend, can do wonderful things. He told us yesterday that he would take us. So we r going there. " "then, wd ur George take me also? " asked Thursday Elephant. " That, u will have to ask him. " Thursday Elephant rode with all the dogs to the rocket station. There, George was waiting for all his friends. Seeing Thursday elephant, " What !! y u come here? v r going to Jupiter. " Thursday elephant said, " I also want to come there. Please take me also ." George said, " I dont mind. But the rocket cant pull u up. It will never go up, if u get inside the rocket. So dont be adamant." Johny felt sorry for Thursday elephant but could not do much. George was the captain of the rocket. And Johny has to obey him only. All got into the rocket. Rocket got blasted 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2, 1 ...Blast Off !!

Rocket went up and up and up and up and up and up and got into space. Johny and bronie, blackie, yellowee were very much pleased with their journey. Greenie and Reddie were scared, but slowly they got reconciled. Snowee slept from the beginning. Soon, Jupiter came along. George announced over the mike, " Well, my friends, our landing station, Jupiter has come, tighten up ur belts. We are landing shortly." Everyone was curious. They put up their belts. Soon, rocket landed in Jupiter smoothly. " We have a perfect landing in Jupiter. Now, wait for a few minutes till the doors are open" said George. The doors were opened, and Johny, Brownie, Reddie, Greenie, whitee, everybody jumped out. To their surprise, Thursday elephant was sitting in front of them. " How u came here !!! " Johny asked, nervously. " Well, my friend Hanuman got me here.." Thursday Elephant told. " What ! Hanuman !!! whom we see in Pogo everyday ! Is it he ? How can Hanuman bring an elephant here ? " Johny asked excitedly. " Whatever is impossible for others, is possible for Hanuman. There is nothing impossible for Hanuman , you know !!! " " Wah !! Is Hanuman so powerful ?" " Yes. U saw it now."
  Asaadhya Sadhaka Swamin, Asaadya tawa kim Vadha...said Pichai's thatha.

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kanmaniye kavithai solven !!


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Group Photo

Vani Vidhyalaya, Virugampakkam, Chennai 600087 Find out Where is pitchai ...
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அன்னையை போல்இங்கு எவருமில்லை

Lyric by Ms.Kavinaya.
Kindly click at the title to move on to her blog for getting the text of this song.
Here subbu thatha sings the song in Raag Madhyamavathi.

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வாணீ நீ வா நீ

Please click at the title to move on to see the text of the song.
Here, subbu rathinam sings the song in Raag Bowli.

வா வா என்று உனை நான் அழைப்பேன் .
.வரும் வழி விழி வைத்து காத்து இருப்பேன்...
.வாடிய பயிராய் நான் தவிப்பேன் ..
வஞ்சம் இல்லாதொரு வழி வகுப்பாய் ..

பண்ணெடு பாடிடும் வண்டிணமே .
.பை யங் கிளியே சென்று நீ ஒதாய் ...
.நின்னொடு நான் கொண்ட பக்தி யினை ..
நிலை தவறாமல் நீ கூவிடுவாய் ...

. மகரந்த வாசனை உ ன் மேலும்
மரகத மாமணி உமையாளும் .
.மகிழ மனம் போல் பாத மலர் தூவி .
.மங்கை நீ பொங்க நலம் அருள் வாய் ..

. வாணீ நீ வரம் தர நீ வருவாய் .
..மணியாரம் சூட்டி மகிழ் ந்திருப்பாய் .
.மாணிக்க கரும்பின் விழி பாவாய் ..
மாட்சி எல்லாம் தந்து எமை காப்பாய் ..
Lyric by : சித்ரா

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Sri Rama

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