க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

வியாழன், அக்டோபர் 04, 2012

Happy 10th BirthDay Pichai

Today 4th October is happy Birthday of our Grandkid Pranav Ambravanesh
We fondly call him Pichai.
Thatha and Paatti Greet Pichai and bless him all the Best.

As desired and arranged  by his dad, AYUSH HOMAM  was held at the Rig Vedha patasala at Valasaravakkam near Chinthamani vinaygar temple here in the morning hours.  You are seeing the performance of this Homam

Thatha developed a video for the occasion.

Another view of the same Homam

Why Ayush Homam?

Ayush Homam or Aayusha Homam is a benign Vedic ritual that is performed to appease Ayush Devatha for leading a long, healthy and happy life. Ayush Homam has the power to cure manifiestations of all ailments

Who is Ayush Devatha?

Ayush means life or age, and Devatha is God or divine being. Ayush Devatha is the embodiment of life or longevity.

Benefits and Significance of Ayush Homam

The great sage Bhodhyana, who is believed to be the direct disciple of Veda Vyasa, explains the significance of Ayush Homam in his Bhodhyana Sutras. According to which, Ayush Homam is a great boon for living a long, hale and healthy life. Also, while performing Ayush Homam the seven revered chiranjeevis or immortals of the Indian mysticism are invoked to beget their grace and blessings.

Enhancing longevity and well being

The ancient Vedic sages have understood the importance of longevity and well being and have devised many tools and techniques to lead a long life. Ayush Homam is one such technique, which has the power to add more years to your life so that you can perform all your worldly duties to utmost satisfaction. This can be achieved by conducting Ayush Homam once in every year.

Supercharges your new born kids

Ayush Homam is very beneficial for children if you perform the Homam on their first birth anniversary based on their Birth Stars. This Homam has the special attribute to remove the impressions of the previous births. Thereby, the negative effects of the poorva janma karma(deeds of past life) are eliminated and your child becomes well receptive to enjoy the present life without carrying the burden of the past. This by itself uplifts and energises your child to lead a healthy and long life.

Healing health problems and mental disorders

Performing Ayush Homam has a tremendous effect on your health and mind. Ayush Homam can cure serious health ailments and mental disorders. Ayush Homam activates certain energy centres in the body, which has a soothing effect on the mind. This serves as a remedy to those who are mentally troubled.

For children who are suffering from illness, Ayush Homam serves as an effective boon to relieve them from their sickness. If they are not relieved of their illness, Ayush Homam should be performed every month until they are cured, which will eventually happen.

Ideal days to conduct Ayush Homam

Ayush Homam must be performed on your birthdays preferably based on your Nakshatra(Star
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