க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

புதன், அக்டோபர் 03, 2012

At the Shasti aptha poorthi of Mr.& Mrs.Thulasi Gopal

At the Vedhic Function held at Ragha Sudha Hall in Luz Avenue, shasti aptha poorthi vaibhava was held with great dedication . All the Homams prescribed in the text were performed to the letter and spirit and no doubt I was greatly delighted at the importance Mr.Gopal and Mrs.Thulasi Gopal gave to every detail of  the Thirumana Vaibhavam.  Mrs.Valli Narasimhan, a very close friend of Mrs.Thulasi Gopal,  had taken special care to ensure that all the rituals associated with the Function were carefully planned and executed.

It was a moment of pride for myself and my wife   .Mrs.Thulasi so affectionately and graciously called my wife as akka and welcomed us as we entered the Ragha Sudha Hall.

We have been elated to receive the photo album from Mrs.Thulasi Gopal.  We never imagined that we could  also be photoed so beautifully. Thank you Photographer.  A photo to be cherished all time indeed !

Our hearty thanks to Mr.and Mrs.Thulasi Gopal for all their kindness and hospitality.