க்ஷேமமா இருங்கோ

செவ்வாய், ஜனவரி 17, 2006

Ride and Pride at Pongal Sport Festival Tamil Nadu.India

Alanganallur, normally a quiet village cum town in South India, bristles itself into full-throated activity during Pongal Festival. This is where, thousands of not only Tamils but people from far-off places including Foreigners, watch with awe the highly inspiring Sport Festival of Tamil People..THE JALLIKATTU.
In an earlier picture, you have seen how valiant youth struggle to tame a ferocious bullock.
The above picture shows the valiant hero sitting with all his pride.
Of course, nothing is won without a price. It is reported, that one man died and hundreds injured during the sport when tens and hundreds of wild bullocks were let loose and heroic youth fell hither and thither in their efforts to tame the rushing and running animals.
That one or two die during the sport has become a stale news in India. In Pongal Sport, it does happen. What is inspiring is that even the injured ones, on getting well, prepare themselves for the next meet that is the day when the next Pongal Meet Comes.
And that is the Pongal Spirit.
And that is the Tamil Spirit.
And, remember what the Tamil Sage Thiruvallar proclaimed two thousand years ago:
Whoever does in the way one has thought fit to do, no hurdle will appear.
Picture Courtesy: http://www.dinamalar.com