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சனி, ஜனவரி 14, 2006

Pongal Festival.

Celebrate Pongal Festival Pongal, also known as Magara Sankranti, is celebrated by Tamils all over the world on the first Day of the Tamil Month Thai (pronounce it as 'thy') mostly synchornising with 14th of January every year. Pongal is the day when the farmers agriculturists thank God Surya for his Mercy towards tillers and show their gratitude by worshipping Him. In the early hours they draw Rangoli . http://cuisine.com/FestivalMakarSankranti.htm

Pongal Festival draws its very name by the Sweet Pongal, which is a boiled mix of rice, dhal, jaggery, coconut milk, cashew nuts, ghee, dry grapes and fruits. One has to be cautious about preparing this, since it is essential when to mix the jaggery boiled paste with the boiled rice. The flavour of a good pongal draws even the ones seated some 500 yards away. Along with Sweet Pongal, a sort of salt pongal is also prepared as a CONTRAST. The side dishes are aviyal, thayir vadai,etc.

For better understanding of these dishes, you may visit



http://hyderabadcakes.com/pongal-recipes-02.htm to name only a few sites on the subject. In Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu, there is a Jallikattu Festival on the following day, when bullocks and cows are decorated. A few bullocks are let loose with money and gifts tied to their horns, and those young lads who succeed in taming these bullocks get hold of these gifts. A good many are injured in the process also, but ambitious and bold young men of Tamil Nadu hardly look at the risk factor. These festivals in southern Districts are good attractions of foreign tourists also. Simply said, Pongal is a day of mirth and merriment. A good many of ortodox men and women visit temples and pray to God, as the day marks the beginning of the period of prosperity in a Tamil Year. You may hear the hymns recited in the pujas by clicking the site: http://www.mypurohith.com/Festivals/Sankranti.asp In short, Pongal signifies Sweet dishes and Rangolis, high-flying kites, and new dresses and greetings for everyone. The Government of Tamil Nadu distributes new clothes to nearly 10 million people.