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Animals in Films - Is it cruel to train them do stunt performances ? Is SPCA to intervene?

Know how you can sponsor a pet click here. http://www.spca.org Posted by Picasa http://www.animalactivism.org In a recent opinion-poll conducted by GOKULAM, a popular children's magazine, a teenager attempts to defend using animals for stunt performance and the like in films, for, he feels, that once the performance is over, the animals are taken good care. Animal Rightists, however, have a different view. A software professional, Mr.Arvind, convinces the teenager the otherway.
At the outset your clarification is good, but if you dig deep inside youwill find that the animals are indeed tortured to perform the act.
Whether it is a snake whose teeth is plucked or the dog which gets beaten repeatedly until it stands on its two legs and walks as well.
The same is true with circus too.
They live in fear all the time and are poorly fed.
The plight of these animals is actually pathetic.
Also, whatthe people get paid for is really pennies.
For example, a snake charmerwill be paid may be a thousand rupees for using his snake in the movies.You think he spends the money on it?
No way.
The snake continues to betortured, pricked and the poor soul cannot do anything about it.
All it gets is some rats, eggs and squirrel to live with while the charmer drinks and eats with the money he made.
I was associated with SPCA during my college days and we were proposing banning usage of animals in movies, circus, dog shows, etc. Obviously we did not have the money power to push this through.
We wanted to putforth the idea that there should at least be one person to supervise theway the animals are treated while they are being made to act in movies.This did not take off as cost was a big factor.
Take a simple example.
How do you get a dog to perform a hand shake?
Let me share what I did to my dog when I was in school.
It was called Leena(a female pom dashund cross).
I take a scale (or stick) and say "Leena shake hand". Since dogs don't understand English (they don't understand any language that we speak for that matter), it just sits there. So I give the right front leg a tapwith the scale and believe me that pains. Since the dog is so affectionate to us it does not resist but just sulks and takes it. Next step, I repeat "Leena shake hand" and I lift its leg and keep it inmy hand. Now the dog feels that this is better than getting beaten.I repeat these steps till "Leena shake hand" settles in its mind. The dog by now understands that whenever I utter the phrase, it is better to lift the leg or else there will be a tap on the leg.
Imagine for asimple act like shake hand if a dog has to go thru such difficulties,how much of a torture it has to undergo in order to perform the act ofstanding on two legs, clinging onto one another and walk as well as theydo in circus.
This is the same as "Aadra Rama aadra Rama" performed by a Nari Kuravan with his hapless monkey. I hope you understand that the monkey is noPrabhu Deva to dance on its own and certainly don't understand "AadraRama".So, in the pretext of entertainment, these animals are tortured and madeto perform what they are not supposed to be doing. In a circus youalways find that the ring master has either a stick or a leash when allthese are performed.
Now, tell me, do the animals enjoy doing what they are doing?
Think again...
God, give me the power to liberate the animals from these inhuman humans...